Our work together

Where will our sessions take place?

I am based in Rickmansworth and St Albans and I offer both short and long-term work, face to face, phone and online sessions. I am currently offering online/phone sessions and face to face sessions in St Albans.

What can I help with?

I can help with a variety of issues and I have a deep understanding of trauma, bereavement, prenatal and postnatal depression, childhood abuse, depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, anger issues and attachment issues. I welcome people from all backgrounds, with all types of concerns or issues.

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What can you expect from our sessions

If you decide you would like to start working together, we will start from where you are in your life. You can share whatever you feel comfortable to and I will offer a space for reflections and a genuine curiosity of your situation. If you cannot find a starting point or if you find sharing particularly difficult, I will bring myself in to support you. I will gently encourage you to notice what arises for you throughout our sessions in order to raise your awareness on what may be troubling for you. This may be from what you explicitly share or something that is emerging for you. I hope to create a warm and non-judgemental environment so you can feel accepted for who you are.

As our therapeutic relationship grows, we can explore your existing coping strategies and compassionately acknowledge how they have helped and served you this far. We can look at aspects of your life that you wish to change or enhance and talk through how you picture journeying to where you would like to be. Therapy can also provide a non-judgemental space for you to experiment with alternative ways of relating to your world. You can share updated or emerging ideas, you may also wish to bring in unresolved or potential dilemmas to gain a clearer understanding of your situation. I believe it is equally important to recognise and rejoice in your achievements, whether big or small, you are worthy of celebration.

If it is your wish to do so, we can form alternative or updated supports that may feel more suited to who you are now. We can look at the impact of your issue(s) and invite and integrate a new meaning that can play a role in your healing.

My approach

My training draws on several schools of thought which allows for flexibility in my approach. I work from the viewpoint that each person is innately good and holds the capacity for real change and growth, in the right conditions. My aim is to raise awareness of your process so you can gain a greater understanding of who you are and what you need.

If your issue is underpinned by traumatic experiences, we can form resources. This may include aspects of psycho-education to help normalise and validate your reactions or emotional/bodily responses to your impactful experience(s). We can explore where the traumatic energy lays and work through ways of shifting and releasing it. It is important you feel supported through this process and we will collaboratively work out a pace that feels best for you.

I also enjoy working creatively. There are a number of ways to communicate with one another and at times one form of communication may not reflect your true feelings. My experience has gifted me the outlook that each person is unique and therefore relates to their world subjectively. I wish to honour your individual process and I am happy to support you in finding your creative way of communicating. Whether that is through drawing, writing, body movement or imagery, the most important element is you feel comfortable and you can express yourself authentically.